Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Build Automation and Continuous Integration with Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Introduction

The concept of build automation has been around for years and tools like AntIvy, and the highly regarded Maven have helped cement the concept as a necessary tool in development endeavors of any scale. Tools like ArtifactoryArchiva, and Nexus have made managing a Maven repository simple and straightforward. Continuous Integration and tools that support the concept like Jenkins and CruiseControl, coupled with build automation, have lead to the ability to detect errors early and stamp them out. Of course there is the omnipresent code versioning implementation like Git or Subversion. Tack on an automated test framework like Robot Framework and Selenium and the result is industrial-like compilation, deployment, and testing of a work product. In this series of posts we will explore the installation, configuration, integration, and utilization of a select few of these tools with Oracle SOA Suite 12c.

The roadmap for this effort is as follows:
Disclaimer: This information is offered as a proof-of-concept and there are no warranties expressed or implied.

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  1. I just recently got introduced to and tried out Gradle: https://gradle.org/maven_vs_gradle/

    It looks prime to take over from Maven.