Monday, September 26, 2016

SOA Suite FileNotFound When Executing RCU

I was installing Oracle SOA Suite, and when I ran RCU to seed the database, it threw an exception relating to SOA Infrastructure.
Repository Creation Utility: Create - Completion Summary

Database details:

Host Name                                    : myhost
Port                                         : 1521
Service Name                                 : ORCL
Connected As                                 : sys
Prefix for (prefixable) Schema Owners        : DEV
RCU Logfile                                  : /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/rcu.log
RCU Checkpoint Object                        : /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/RCUCheckpointObj

Component schemas created:


Component                                    Status         Logfile
Common Infrastructure Services               Success        /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/stb.log
SOA Infrastructure                           Failed         /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/soainfra.log 
User Messaging Service                       Success        /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/ucsums.log
Metadata Services                            Success        /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/mds.log
WebLogic Services                            Success        /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/wls.log
Oracle Platform Security Services            Success        /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/opss.log
Audit Services                               Success        /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/iau.log
Audit Services Append                        Success        /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/iau_append.log
Audit Services Viewer                        Success        /tmp/RCU2016-09-26_10-37_1761337454/logs/iau_viewer.log

Repository Creation Utility - Create : Operation Completed
Repository Creation Utility - Dropping and Cleanup of the failed components
Repository Dropping and Cleanup of the failed components in progress.

Percent Complete: 100

The referenced log file indicated that a file could not be found.

FileNotFound /u01/fmw/soa/common/sql/soainfra/sql/oracle/createschema_soainfra_oracle_small.sql in attempt 0
FileNotFound /u01/fmw/soa/common/sql/soainfra/sql/oracle/createschema_soainfra_oracle_small.sql in attempt 1
FileNotFound /u01/fmw/soa/common/sql/soainfra/sql/oracle/createschema_soainfra_oracle_small.sql in attempt 2
FileNotFound /u01/fmw/soa/common/sql/soainfra/sql/oracle/createschema_soainfra_oracle_small.sql in attempt 3
/u01/fmw/soa/common/sql/soainfra/sql/oracle/createschema_soainfra_oracle_small.sql (No such file or directory)
Mon Sep 26 10:48:49.828 EDT 2016 NOTIFICATION SOAINFRA: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.action.JavaAction::perform: Executing Java Action: oracle.ias.version.SchemaVersionUtil:utilDropRegistryEntry
Mon Sep 26 10:48:48.550 EDT 2016 rcu:Executing SQL statement: DROP USER DEV_SOAINFRA CASCADE
Mon Sep 26 10:48:49.869 EDT 2016 rcu:Executing SQL statement: drop tablespace DEV_SOAINFRA including contents and datafiles

So I perused the directory, and the file is there; however, it is contains uppercase SMALL in the name.
-rw-r-----.  1 oracle oinstall 1821419 Jun  8 19:07 createschema_soainfra_oracle_SMALL.sql

I renamed the file with lowercase "small" in the name, as RCU expects, and ran RCU again. This time, the seeding of the database processed successfully. Afterwards, I renamed the file to its original name.